Blake Yung “GTFO” A Sonic Experience

Matthew Young, known as Blake Yung in the music industry, is a Portland based artist whose raw and vulnerable music carries stories of self-destruction. Fearless in his creative expression, Blake’s genre-defying compositions demonstrate his artistic independence.

In 2020 he released an introductory EP featuring MOD SUN and CASKEY, quickly followed by “LEADER OF THE LOST SOULS”, an album with platinum producer Supah Mario. In 2023, Blake has released a new sound with “GTFO”, an Alternative/Rock project with Nu-Metal influence. Blake is ready to make his mark on the year.

“GTFO” by Blake Yung is an anthemically charged rap-rock track that combines the energy and emotion of nu-metal with a driving, hard-hitting beat. This first single of the year 2023 from this rising star is a musical journey that takes you through an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows. The song builds momentum as it moves between light hip-hop and hard-rock, creating a unique and powerful sound.

Blake Yung’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful, pulsing with intensity and singing the lyrics with a raw passion that pulls you into the song. His vocal delivery captures the darker emotion of the lyrics perfectly, amplifying the overall power of the music.

The sound of “GTFO” is powerful and its uplifting beat drives the song forward, making it an incredibly energizing anthem. With its combination of rap and rock, the song offers an exciting musical experience, giving listeners something new and promising from Blake Yung.

“GTFO” from Blake Yung is an exciting and emotionally charged piece of emo rock music that is sure to draw fans in and take them on an unforgettable musical journey. With its intense beats and hard-rock sound, this is a song that will definitely make waves in the world of music.

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