Blake Yung and Benny Mayne Team Up for Electrifying New Single “Next”

Blake Yung has really outdone himself with “Next”, a punch of alternative rap with a guest spot from Benny Mayne. You can hear Yung’s talent bursting at the seams in this track; it takes you on a wild emotional ride, stirred up by the trading lyrics between him and Mayne

The track’s been blinged up by Grammy-nominated producer, Eric Von, and boy does it shine. The production pulls everything great about hip-hop into the digital era, mixing layers of synths, shifting basslines and auto-tuned vocals together. The result? A wild soundscape you can’t help but lose yourself in.

Yung’s vocals really pack a punch here, the auto-tune carrying his words and adding extra weight to every line. His emotion shifts between cocky swagger and introspective vulnerability, and that rollercoaster is reflected in his flow. Teamed with Mayne’s more grounded verses, the duo create a track that’s a little left of what we’re used to from rap music – and it’s refreshing AF.

“Next” could be a sneak peek at what’s to come from Yung – he’s got an EP due out in September and this track shows he’s not afraid to stir the pot with his material.

The track shows Yung’s pretty comfortable treading new ground in music. Not just content to stick to one style or genre, Yung blends together a mix of classic and contemporary to form a sound all his own – and listeners are loving it. His popularity’s seriously on the rise, and it’s tracks like “Next” that prove just why that’s the case.

“Next” is a win for Yung, showing us this is a guy who’s definitely going places. Between its banging production, lyrical content and Benny Mayne’s on-point verses, the track just grabs hold and refuses to let go. If “Next” is a taste of what’s coming up in his forthcoming EP, fans are in for a treat. It looks like rap’s evolution is set to keep spinning and with Yung as part of the mix, that’s nothing but good news for fans.

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