Still Dusk’s Debut “Garden” is a sonic oasis of alt-rock/pop

To some, Athens, Greece may sound like an unlikely birthplace of engrossing alt-rock/pop. Yet, Still Dusk, a band comprised of talent with stellar dynamism, disrupts this notion with their debut EP “Garden.” It’s an audio garden indeed, blooming with raw energy and emotion that speaks volumes about the fledgling collective’s ambition and creativity.

In the 𝑘𝑎𝑙𝑒𝑖𝑑𝑜𝑠𝑐𝑜𝑝𝑒 of sounds and textures “Garden” presents, vocalist Konstantina’s performance bears special mention. Her voice shifts effortlessly between caustic growls and melodic harmonies – a delicate dance of femininity and grit that spins a captivating web around the listeners.

“Garden” consists of three songs – each a seedling sprouting its unique image within the overall sonic landscape. The overall compositions hark back to the golden era of alt-rock/pop yet sprinkled with a dash of metallic resonance. The musical tastes of Giannis on the guitar and back vocals, Ioanna on percussion, and Ilias commanding the bass line, work in synergy to produce a fascinating balance of fierce intensity and melodic allure that is undeniably refreshing.

Then there are the stories – poignant, chilling, and thought-provoking narratives that thread their way through the tapestry of “Garden”. The song “Shattered” rips open a dark chapter of Greek history – a vicious murder that shocked the nation. The raw emotion of the lyrics gnaws at the listener’s soul, channeling the fear, sorrow, and the uneasy contemplation of human cruelty.

Among other standouts, “A Night with Morgan,” is inspired by the chilling lore of Slenderman and the horrific incident of Waukesha, Wisconsin, in 2014. The song roils with ominous undercurrents, the eerie narrative threaded through the ebb and flow of pounding drums and pulsating guitar riffs, imprinting on listener’s psyche an impression of the inexplicable darkness humanity sometimes plumbs.

In its essence, the EP feels like a garden at dusk – still, yet humming with life, charming yet veined with an undercurrent of melancholy as darkness encroaches. It leaves you in a state of emotional flux – intrigued, warmed, frightened, moved, and above all, eagerly anticipating the next sonic bud that will bloom from Still Dusk.

With “Garden,” Still Dusk has carved an impressive niche for themselves. They have satisfyingly served up a debut that announces their arrival on the music stage with a bang, and if the quality on offer here is any indicator, this is a band that is set to win over a legion of dedicated fans in the vibrant alt-rock/pop scene.

“Garden” catapults Still Dusk to the forefront of promising bands emerging from the Athens alt-rock/pop milieu. Be it raw performances, emotive lyrics, or artfully layered compositions – everything about “Garden” promises a new establishment in the genre, inviting listeners to stroll through the verdant labyrinth of this musical treasure. This is a garden you will want to revisit time and again, one that grows richer with each subsequent listen. The seeds have been sown, and one can hardly wait for the full bloom.

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