Benedict Sinister’s “Only Sixteen”: A Raw Musical Memory Trip

Some wise person once mentioned, “Music is what gives us memories.” This holds true for Benedict Sinister’s new single, “Only Sixteen”, a slightly sad but captivating take on the Italian rap song “Autostima” by the young guys, Psicologi. Imagine Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel to a beat drop!

Sinister prepares us for his relaxing trip right from the start, turning old memories into cool art in this “emo rap meets Adele” type song. The music itself is different and calming, asking listeners to pick up a piece of past heartbreak and look at it through rich electronic sounds and gentle drum patterns.

And we can’t miss the exciting part – Sinister’s spoken word performance. It guides you through a teenage heartbreak story like a moody Morgan Freeman narration, creating a painting with words alone. This style adds a lovely touch of rawness… a brave honesty that makes Sinister an exciting artist to watch.

"Benedict Sinister's 'Only Sixteen': A Raw Musical Memory Trip"
“Benedict Sinister’s ‘Only Sixteen’: A Raw Musical Memory Trip”

The combination of slick sound design with those slow spoken words sparks a lot of feelings! Talking about emotional back and forth – Sinister’s song got me wishing for some teen drama but then again happy my bad skin days are over!

To wrap it up – “Only Sixteen” is like music that tells the truth, carefully made to help you remember stuff you never knew you forgot! So grab your most comfy chair – or floor (we don’t judge), turn down the lights and get lost into these waves of growth from past love! And remember – He’s not just Benedict Sinister; he’s Benedict ‘Awesome’ Sinister from now on!

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