Be There For Each Other With DEVADO’s New Song “You Make Me”

The notion that a single individual can do everything is a widespread fallacy. You’ll require assistance at some point.

These and more are brought to light in the new single. German artist DEVADO has released her first single of the year, titled “You Make Me,” and it’s full of youthful vitality.

Such artistic pursuits and music have the potential to motivate and move listeners. How she can make complete shows with nothing but her voice and body percussion is very remarkable.

She demonstrates a high degree of expertise and originality by making music with just her voice and body vibrations, using a wide range of tones, melodies, and rhythms.

It’s alright to feel vulnerable and require support from those closest to you; this song is a reminder that we all need those individuals.

The song has a way of touching your heart and moving your body all at once. The soulful melodies and lyrics draw you in, while the upbeat rhythms and lively instrumentation get you grooving.

Her sound is a seamless fusion of passion and joy. Every note and every beat carried a weight of feeling, but the overall effect was uplifting and infectious.

The  German-American singer is one of the few performers who pour their hearts out on stage, but they also know how to get the crowd hyped up and dancing along.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Tik Tok and Instagram.


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