An In-Depth Look: Reviewing Storytell’s ‘Earth, Love, and Roses

Hello everybody, welcome to today’s dissection, I call it dissection because together we are going to have a thorough breakdown of the latest album Earth, Love, and Roses by Storytell. Now let’s begin with the name and how it came about.

When asked about the origin of the name, this is what they had to say

“The name Storytell pays homage to the figurines of the American Southwest that represent oral tradition and storytelling. Legends and myths were passed down orally long before books were written, and these stories and the people who tell them serve as vessels for preserving the thoughts and experiences of cultures.”

This is evident in their music and Earth, Love, and Roses doesn’t fall short of that, all the songs on the album stick out and flows seamlessly, Storytell uses song and sound to transmit elemental themes.

The first song on the album is just the perfect opener for an album this good, and I can’t think of any other song than this, the title Cool Winds opens with the sound of a cool breeze, and we all enjoy the cool winds on a sunny afternoon, just like that you tend to expect whats next, in just 4minutes and 41 seconds you experience different types of sounds and the highs and lows of the musical instruments, just like Cool Winds.

If you are a fan of uptempo music then surely you would fall in love with A Storytell which doubles as the second song on the album the song’s protagonist appears intertwined in a Greek drama:

I feel alive by the water side

As the sky come tumbling down

Up in the heavens I see the gods and all the angels

Laughing about this time, it’s suicide

One thing you cannot miss out on this album is the use of instruments in the songs magic was performed by Tony DiCarlo (vocals, guitar), Pix (guitar, bass, and keys), and Steven Dodds (drums, percussion, keys).

Just like Cool Winds, Gekko Blues is opened by elegant display of guitar riffs, the lyrics stems from an experience Pix had on a solo journey in Mendocino National Forest after arriving virtually penniless in California and freshly dumped by his girlfriend; DiCarlo’s lyrics cleverly tell the story from both Pix’s and the gecko’s perspectives.

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An In-Depth Look: Reviewing Storytell’s ‘Earth, Love, and Roses

The dream pop of “Hazy Dayz” conjures the fog and denizens of Golden Gate Park that Pix and DiCarlo experienced upon moving to the Bay Area:

Like the fog that steals the day away

And the moon that takes the tide

And every freak I see

I’d love to have them freak with me

Weather wrong may be right

The fifth track “Terra” is a love letter to Earth and a call to action:

You feel the Earth, it’s all around you

The cool wind cutting through your skin

You can hear the howling from the hill

The album has a total of 10 songs on it and I must say all the songs are well structured, personally how they used the instruments is what captures me, unlike modern day music which are short lived, the songs on Earth, Love, and Roses are quite lengthy, its like the band wants you to not only listen to them, but also transport you to a different world.

Telling you everything about Earth, Love, and Roses is like showing the highlights of a movie you are eager to watch, so go and stream the songs as much as you would want to

Listen to Earth, Love, and Roses below

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