Sunny Days Ahead: Xenia’s ‘Sunshine in July’ Reviewed

Come with me to meet the music wizard. Her name is Xenia, and she is the person behind that fun and lovely new single titled “Sunshine in July”. She is from Australia, and her latest track is about the feeling of having a carefree day with the sunlight shining on you.

You can’t help but tap your feet or move your body along with the catchy tune and uplifting vibe, making it just the right song for any sunny activity, like lounging by the pool, or driving with the windows open.

Xenia’s exposure in the world of music is absolutely magical. Ranging from “Overloading,” her 2020 album, to “Chill Pop Lost Control,” a hit single in 2023, she’s been using different shades of pop, cooking them in a magic pot.

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Xenia’s exposure in the world of music is absolutely magical.

The diversity of her style has recently attracted media attention from different geographical areas, from France and Germany to the UK, Brazil, the USA and last but not the least Australia.

In “Sunshine in July,” Xenia’s calm voice is a remedy for stress and distraction in an environment of hustle and bustle, presenting a sweet time of being in a contemplative mood.

Moved by those unique joys of summer and the happy simplicity of life, the new single will undoubtedly bring sunshine into your day and give you something to smile about.

Thus, chill out, take it easy and let Xenia’s tunes lift the burden off your shoulders and take you to a pleasant state of mind instead.

Listen to Sunshine In July below

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