Zanne Hanna Turns A Sad Event To A Memorable With ‘In My Dreams’

Zanne Hanna makes realistic songs, one of her key signatures, something that cannot be taken from her, and proof of this is her latest single “In My Dreams”. Over the years Zanne has gathered enough experience and has carefully crafted her talent to showcase her uniqueness with the rest of the world.

One pivotal moment in Zanne Hanna’s life was a breakup period with her ex, something she terms as a “toxic relationship”. Although the outcome wasn’t what she looked forward to, it turned out that was one of the best decisions she has taken for herself.

But Zanne Hanna didn’t let that bring her down, she turned that sad part of her life into an epic song, one that pulls at your heartstrings.

This time she featured she collaborated with her hometown friend and producer Austin Atlas, who brought In My Dreams to life. He infused this track with impactful future bass instrumentation to complement my alt-pop vocal melodies.

When asked about the main inspiration behind the song, this is what she had to say

“I wrote this song at the beginning of this year, when I was finally starting to process the ending of a long, toxic relationship. I had to sort out which ideas, thoughts, and opinions were mine, and what parts of my life were actually real to me.”

She continued to say

“The bridge and outro of this song is me confronting the fact that my ex always thought nothing of me, and my experiences in the last years were real, even if I didn’t believe it yet”

In My Dreams speaks volumes and it’s a perfect fit for anybody who is going through that phase of their lives.

Listen to In My Dreams below

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