Xersize Talks Mental Health Issues On New Rap Song “Scars”

Xersize is now releasing one of his honest tracks, “Scars,” which is accompanied by very sincere lyrics.

The music tends to invite you into a different area of debate, and he utilizes it to address topics with mental health.

Together with Madeleine Liljestam, who offers her sweet voice to complete and precise the song. It’s audible and palpable.

Xersize says “The song is about struggling with your inner demons”. He also adds that  “we’re talking about certain mental health issues as if they were physical people”.

The rapper’s flow is distinct yet friendly. As a result of his rendition, the song takes on a more deeply felt, empathic character.

Every word he sings demonstrates his skill as a songwriter, and you can easily hear it. He expresses an emotion that everyone may relate to in their own manner.

Xersize, a Swedish rap musician, has a tremendous desire to make music. His passion for artistry and creativity, influenced by musicians such as Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, has been a spiritual drive fueling his success.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.


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