Wotts Impresses Again With “WANNABE”

In the glistening universe of indie pop, Canadian duo Wotts dazzle once more with their trendy single “WANNABE” which opens like a portal into their upcoming EP ‘PETALS.’ Crafted through Jayem’s adept hands—both vocalist and multi-instrumentalist—the track pirouettes on a tightrope between euphoria and melancholy.

“WANNABE” is a sonic kaleidoscope. Here Wotts draws from the psych-pop pallets of Tame Impala and Dayglow but injects its unique essence to create what they call “a happy sad song.” This alchemy births an infectious song that commands your hips to bounce whilst cradling your heart in wistful narrative arms.

There’s an astute intricacy woven throughout—a complexity celebrated with the aid of bassist Ricky 100 as he reflects upon his ardour for layered depths à la Tame Impala’s “Currents.” True enough, every listen peels back another nuanced petal, revealing feelings as vibrant as the band’s name suggests.

Wotts Impresses Again With "WANNABE"
Wotts Impresses Again With “WANNABE”

As the capstone of their fruitful year—with ‘garden EP’ sprouting over 100K streams—”WANNABE” spins a tale of unrequited love without falling prey to worn-out tropes. Its beat pulsates like a hopeful heartbeat beneath synth textures that stretch across memory landscapes. It strikes hard at relatable chords, feeling both fresh and hauntingly familiar in its soundscape odyssey.

Sit back or stand up—it doesn’t matter; you’ll be engulfed either way by this rhythmical wave crashing against the shores of indie pop reverence rescued from cliché. Wotts is undeniably here: mercurial chameleons fashioning an ending to 2023 that promises even brighter colours ahead.

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