Woody Is Seeking Answers In New Song “Can Somebody Tell Me”

How is it possible for one person to sing so well and with such power? That is the question you will have after listening.

Woody, a London-based singer, has just released her new tune “Can Somebody Tell Me,” which explores a variety of emotions.

She is ruminating on a prior relationship and the unanswered sentiments and questions that remain in the song. The words show dissatisfaction as well as a need for answers and closure.

The vocalist is potentially singing to a former partner while simultaneously conveying their thoughts to a larger audience.

Talking about the song, Woody says, “It’s actually a typical breakup song (we never have enough of them) where you feel like you’ll never get over the relationship and you need someone to explain how you can possibly get out of the darkness where you at cause it seems insurmountable.”

The piano and Woody’s voice intensify the emotional tone and message of the song, which is a cry for aid. You have no reason not to listen to this.

Woody has an innate talent and enthusiasm for music, and she has been able to produce creative tunes by drawing inspiration from her experiences and surroundings.

Listen to the song below and follow her on social media via Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

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