“Under the Sun” – A Groundbreaking Debut Single by About Faces

Setting a precedent with their debut single “Under the Sun”, the indie rock/soft rock band, About Faces, makes a grand entrance onto the music scene. This group screams talent from every chord with a magnetic mix of rock genres and a powerful focus on emotive vocals. Led by frontman Sennen Ludman, and supported by Joseph Schofield on drums, Danielle Capstick on keyboards and vocals, Nigel Ngwenya on bass, and Cormac Connolly on lead guitar, the five-piece band based in Leeds creates a captivating musical picture worth a thousand words.

“Under the Sun” delves into the theme of decaying relationships plagued by neglect, a tale spun from the loom of Ludman’s personal journey. The lyrics beautifully blend metaphors of love, lust, and loss into a mesmerising word tapestry. Every note, every beat, echos poignant sentiments, innovatively narrating a tale of a once-blossoming relationship now reduced to mere reminiscences.

"Under the Sun" - A Groundbreaking Debut Single by About Faces
“Under the Sun” – A Groundbreaking Debut Single by About Faces

The overall vibe is energetic, yet riddled with poignant undertones, presenting an intriguing mix of euphoria and melancholy. Drawing parallels to bands like ‘The Cure’, ‘Radiohead’, and even ‘Arcade Fire’, About Faces has skillfully produced a debut single that is not only audibly pleasing but profoundly stirring.

The sonic components of “Under the Sun” are praiseworthy for their execution. The band’s skill at blending emotive vocals with careful instrumentation stands out in a sea of generic indie rock offerings. Coupled with their on-point production, About Faces prove that they’re not just about faces, but notable musicians.

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Ludman’s vocals resonate deeply, tenderly navigating the fragile and complex concept of sentimental decay. His voice, passionate and clear, evolves with the narrative, guiding listeners through the tumultuous journey of love gone awry. The supporting vocals from talented Danielle Capstick provide an enriching depth, harmoniously juxtaposing Ludman’s voice.

The atmospheric introduction sets the stage perfectly, subtly ramping up to effortlessly merge with the energetic drums and polished guitars. The sustained keyboard notes create an immersive soundscape, while the bassline from Nigel Ngwenya underscoring the entire track is a testament to their adept understanding of harmonization.

In a nutshell, “Under the Sun” is a remarkable debut single that heralds About Faces as an indie rock/soft rock band to watch closely. It’s an intricate composite of careful songwriting, dynamic instrumentation, and emotionally-charged vocals. It contains layers upon layers of depth, revealing something new with every re-listen. If their following productions maintain this quality, About Faces will undeniably rise to become a significant force in the music world. A delightfully melancholic, yet energetic gem that thrives under the sun.

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