Uncle Rich Releases Captivating ‘Mummy Diaries’ EP With Few Of Asakaa’s Finest!

Accra-based Musician, Uncle Rich, Set to Captivate Listeners With His Unique Blend of Afrobeat and Rap in His Upcoming EP.

A melody can take you on a journey, a rhythm can get your heart pounding, and lyrics can speak to your soul. Few artists understand this better than Ghana’s Uncle Rich, a composer, producer, and songwriter who has carved a niche in the music industry with his unique blend of Afrobeat and rap.

Richmond Boamah, aka Uncle Rich, hails from Accra, and his music bears testament to his diverse influences and innate musicality. His early exposure to a variety of musical genres through his parents, Edward Boamah and Joyce Oteng, has significantly shaped his artistry. This early musical immersion led to the genesis of a versatile composer, breathing life into his vibrant compositions.

Since the release of his debut single, “Shiver,” in 2021, Uncle Rich has had his feet firmly planted in the music landscape. The song was a resounding success, garnering immense appreciation from listeners and creating waves in the music industry.

Uncle Rich’s distinct sound adds a refreshing touch to the conventional radio staples, making him one of the unique regional artists capable of creating music that transcends genres.

As Uncle Rich prepares to launch his EP, “Mummy Diaries,” the anticipation is palpable. The EP, a smorgasbord of enchanting tunes and impressive collaborations, offers a unique musical journey. It showcases Uncle Rich’s lyrical prowess and his ability to weave a compelling narrative through music.

One of the standout tracks, “Yenda,” features the sublime collaboration of Kofi Mole and YaaPono. The track’s hypnotic blend of rap and Afrobeat, paired with the seamless synergy of the artists, promises to be a treat for all music lovers.

Another track that breaks the monotony is “Mummy Bore,” featuring Oseikrom Sikanii. The song, an exhilarating mix of Afro-fusion and rap, stands out due to the harmonious interplay between Uncle Rich’s flawless flow and Oseikrom Sikani’s captivating delivery.

In “University,” Uncle Rich takes the listener on a personal journey, presenting a reflective narrative through the melodious track. The emotionally resonant song serves as a testament to Uncle Rich’s profound lyricism.

The final track, “No Love,” explores the intricacies of romantic relationships and internal struggles, showcasing Uncle Rich’s introspective side against a backdrop of silken production and seamless mixing.

The impending success of “Mummy Diaries” serves as a testament to Uncle Rich’s dedication to his craft. The EP, with its impeccable production, skilled collaborations, and Uncle Rich’s heartfelt lyricism, promises an immersive experience for the listeners.

It embodies his evolution as an artist and realization of his musical vision. Buckle up for a unique auditory journey with Uncle Rich’s “Mummy Diaries.”

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