This Ep By Chris Rozik Is Definitely The ‘Sure Thing’ Check It Out

Chris Rozik is a fast rising music artist who is on a quest to share his feelings with the rest of the world, and there is no better way to do this, than to share it through his music. His latest Ep “Sure Thing” is a culmination of his heartfelt emotions and thoughts.

With years of musical experience up his belt you can be rest assured the songs on the Ep are going to have a different feel to it. His musical journey begun at 14 years, and he still continues this journey at 32 years old, you can sense his passion for music through his songs.

“Sure thing” has 3 songs on it, personally I would want more of this, the songs are way to nice, the emotions they carry can be felt in each song, each song has a special feel to it. Chris makes his own music, giving him the opportunity to experiment and be sure he produces the best songs.

The 3 songs on “Sure Thing” according to Chris was inspired by “getting married and thinking about familial dynamics during the marriage also explores themes of identity and lack of absolutes in life.

Hop and enjoy some authentic music, something refreshing and emotive.

Listen to Sure Thing below


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