Lauren Eve Scheff’s Debut: A Symphony of Emotions in “Nothing To Prove

Lauren Eve Scheff’s debut single shows that she has not only persevered but also is a gifted artist, able to break free from an art block introduced by the trauma. In “Nothing to Prove” the narrator not only converts ghost of heartbreak into mature awareness but also focuses on growth and self-acceptance using attractive yet enigmatic sonic pallet.

This composition is her testimony that artist Scheff was born in Nashville and could transform a character’s personal grief into a musical masterpiece showing enormous talent evolution.

The lyrics of the song is touching and carries much weight that sticks with the listener, there is a certain kind of nervousness that develops from the manipulation between synthesizers and guitars, which reveals this psycho aspects thereafter being heartbroken. The movements in the sound structure of this song are one which appeal to those who enjoy being drugged into a trance-like state similar to how someone so emotionally unstable can be.

She works together with her uncle Lauren James Scheff and a talented group including Jackson Price on acoustic guitar, Jake Bishop on electric guitar alongside the awesome mixing by Pete Eddins to highlight that music is also an element of inheritance within Scheffs blood.

Listen to Nothing To Prove below


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