The Trusted Pours Emotions Into New Single “Marrow”

Get ready to be carried away by a fresh sound from the camp of “The Trusted”. The quad that hails from the UK has taken a step away from their known sound, something their fans don’t look forward to. Let me introduce you to their latest single title “Marrow”.

“Marrow” is a 3 minutes and 21 seconds song that is heavily centered on love, although the Quad are not known for producing love songs, they’ve really outdone themselves with this, the theme of “Marrow” is clearly displayed throughout the song, the drum licks carry all emotions and the singer’s voice has that melancholic vibe which is genuine and interesting.

Although the vocals could have been more clearer, that didn’t overshadow the uniqueness, the songwriting and the captivating instrumentations that perfectly compliment the song. The drums carry the rhythm with a thumping kick, leading into choruses that fills you up with energy.

When asked about the main inspirations behind “Marrow” this is what Tom had to say

Marrow is a song about obsession. We don’t usually dive into the realm of love songs, but we decided to give it a shot,” says Tom with a hint of intrigue. “It’s probably our most direct tune to date. Marrow delves into the concept of wanting to get under someone’s skin, to become inseparable from their very being. The song embodies the essence of exaggerated affection, restlessness, and unyielding devotion,” he adds.

Even with this in mind you cant imagine what “The Trusted” has in stock for you, the blend of modern rock, and late 80’s and early 90’s sound adds a finish to the song. The chorus is both catchy and emotional, and the percussion keeps the energy consistent throughout.

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