Rapper Proklaim Has Done it Again; Listen to Vamos

Amapiano and Hiphop? Merhn I have never really believed that very soon we will see the birth of this fusion, but Proklaim has done it again. The latest sonic journey with Proklaim and his thumping new single Vamos is all set to take off; this time coming from the city of Windhoek in Namibia, where he aims at transgressive brand reshaping through real hip hop sound.

Imagine this: Amapiano / Gqom hits from South Africa mixing with hip hop wordplay. Yes, Vamos is that masterpiece that transcends genre and hits you directly in your feels. Proklaim grew up in Uganda and Zambia with a multilayered culture of rhythms that injects an international feel to his lyrics.

Legends like Wu-Tang Clan, Lauryn Hill and Eminem have had an impact on Proklaim’s work who isn’t a typical rapper. He is a storyteller with an agenda engaging social issues and conflicts. And we should not forget his hits 2023 that prepared the ground for even more brilliance in 2014.

“Vamos” is a game-changer. The track begins with hypnotizing guitar sounds, choral vocals and Proklaim’s smooth melodies creating a melody that leads to an animated soundscape. It is unavoidable to move due to the brass shots, deep bass and groovy beats. And Proklaim’s flow? As usual, with some Travis Scott feel.

The blend is just right, showcasing Proklaim’s vocals. The deft touch breathes life into every beat and word. The breakdown at the end? Wrapping this power-heavy single in pure fire.

If you have not gotten on board with Proklaim, then “Vamos” is your pass. It’s not just a song; it’s an audio adventure that transcends limits and leaves you yearning for something bigger. Therefore, press play and dance with the beat of Vamos.

Listen to Vamos below


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