Proklaim’s ‘Permission’: A Rhythmic Revolution in Hip-Hop

I have paid keen attention to the sounds of Proklaim, and I can beat my chest and say he is one of the hardworking musicians out there, he does this with every song he releases. But this time he has taken a turn from the usuals with his latest track, “Permission“.

Permission” is more of a journey that sets the room ablaze with fire beats and rap charisma. This Namibian artist, at the tender age of 19, needs no permission to infiltrate your playlist, and he solidifies this with each quality track he drops. “Permission” is no exception, and Proklaim lives up to his own legacy with this one.

Right from the start, Proklaim hits you with Afro beats, giving a nod to his regional roots. But here’s the magic – he seamlessly weaves it into the global pop landscape, creating a track that’s both familiar and innovative. The lyrics focus on loyalty and respect, making it an anthem that could light up any dance floor, be it a buzzing club or a laid-back house party.

The fusion of Afro beats with Amapiano brings a cultural richness that’s hard to resist. Influenced by rap legends like Nas and Tupac, Proklaim’s lyrical prowess shines through with clarity and precision.

What makes “Permission” stand out isn’t just its infectious beats but also its fearless genre fusion. Proklaim takes a bold leap, mixing Afro beats with Amapiano to redefine rap. It’s a rhythmic masterpiece that invites you to nod your head, feel the vibes, and get lost in the charismatic delivery.

But it’s not just about the beats. this is a statement, a testament to Proklaim’s commitment to pushing boundaries in hip-hop. It’s not just a track; it’s an experience that showcases Proklaim’s dedication to evolving the genre while staying true to its roots.

“Permission” is  a rhythmic journey that breaks barriers and redefines what hip-hop can be. So, give yourself the permission to dive into this track, let the beats guide you, and experience the evolution of Proklaim’s unique sound.

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