Please Ask for Paul’s “Calling” is an Ethereal Journey

An ethereal journey seems to beckon from every note in “Calling”, the latest single by Please Ask for Paul (PAFP). The San Diego-based indie project, led by Marlo Smith and Joshua McCleskey, once again demonstrates their art of blending somber lyricism with hauntingly beautiful melodies.

“Calling”, which apparently emerged from a smoggy period of writer’s block and self-doubt, serves as testament to the artistry birthed from struggle. The song meanders like a stream through rocky terrain – rough patches interspersed with smoother currents of catchy rhythm.

The tune treads within indie folk and soft rock vocabularies, but that ‘Western guitar’ vibe adds another layer of resonance –like the whisperings of ghost towns in forgotten valleys. Smith’s vocals oscillate between that of an angel’s echoes and a siren’s serenade swept aloft on desert winds.

Please Ask for Paul's "Calling" is an Ethereal Journey
Please Ask for Paul’s “Calling” is an Ethereal Journey

Yet, don’t mistake her soft voice for being devoid of strength. There’s this compelling undercurrent, a profound emotional gravitas —much like the hush before a storm; captivating yet foreboding. McCleskey’s harmonic synergy offers the perfect accompaniment, pulsating along those atmospheric guitar strains.

In truth, “Calling” is more than just another track — it’s a quest towards self-discovery that urges us to look inwards even when enveloped by darkness. It highlights PAFP’s ability at stirring deep sentiments through their music – any ardent music lover would do well not to skim over that potent aspect.

Proof that vulnerability can be truly powerful if channelled right, “Calling” holds up as testament to what emerges when kindred spirits find solace within their shared songs – especially when those spirits belong to Marlo Smith & Joshua McCleskey! Striding alongside them twisty trails does feel bit like being swept into celestial dreamscapes; definitely an immersive way to ride out the mundane!

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