Ollie Feels Lonely And “Wasted” On His Latest Single

Certain situations keep us feeling alone and hence, we all tend to look out for people we think we can talk to.

Canadian rapper, Ollie feels the same way on this song tagged “Wasted” and he raps about it. One way or the other you can catch a vibe with his story since it is very relatable.

The sooting new single saw Ollie making a mesmerizing delivery and output which sinks down to your body and soul even though it is quite a short song.

It comes with a music video as Ollie has his most insightful thoughts at night, which is the basis for the music video, which was shot in night vision in his neighborhood.

His lyrical prowess is really commendable. He has a high tendency of conveying his emotions in the most appropriate way ever.

Ollie’s music is a one-of-a-kind collection of sounds and rhythmic patterns that draws inspiration from a variety of genres, with his background in a small town serving as a powerful role.

Listen to the song below and get social with him via @ollieraps on Facebook and Twitter and @ollie_raps on Instagram

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