Move Your Body To “Into the Night” From PRATTO

PRATTO is a highly acclaimed EDM artist and producer that has been in the industry for over a decade. As a producer and EDM artist, he has been heavily influenced by Latin and Caribbean music, as well as international music legends like Cedric Gervais, Tiesto, JAY Z, Notorious BIG, the Fugees, Eminem, Tupac Shakur, and Outcast. He has created a unique Progressive House and Electro Pop sound that displays his versatility and innovation as a musician.

Currently, PRATTO is quickly gaining momentum in the scene, positioning himself as a rising star. With his ability to move seamlessly between genres and create original club vibes, it’s no surprise that his talents have been widely sought. PRATTO is sure to continue to make an impact with his dynamic sound and passionate energy.

“Into the Night” by PRATTO is a certified pop and dance bop that is sure to take the year of 2023 by storm. Filled with catchy and upbeat vibes, this song will instantly capture the attention of any listener, regardless of age. Imagine being instantly transported to the virtual party scene, with exciting captivating beats and electrifying lyrics to keep you grooving.

The collaboration with Jordan Grace’s stellar vocals injects a sense of epic quality to the track, empowering the anthemic chorus to its maximum potential. Add to that some powerful synths and you have a recipe for a classic hit that will have everybody singing along in no time. Whether it’s on the radio, in the club, or just listening in on your own, “Into the Night” by PRATTO and Jordan Grace will be sure to be that banger of the year!

The production of “Into the Night” is a deep and intricate piece of EDM music. The classic EDM style is blended with more modern elements, giving it an undeniably current and forward-thinking vibe. From the smooth and emotional male vocals to the pounding and energetic beats, this tune brings a party atmosphere that will keep you dancing. The combination of elements creates a catchy melody and rhythm that will keep listeners coming back for more. The track features a range of different sounds and elements that intertwine to create a wonderfully unique and enjoyable EDM experience.

PRATTO is a US-based producer and DJ with three singles released so far, and more to come in the form of an album that is set to be released later this year. With “Into the Night”, he has created an anthemic and catchy bop that is sure to be a hit with fans. It’s an instantly enjoyable and lighthearted tune that can make for an interesting and exciting club experience.

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