Melodic Excellence “Sunflower” By Melyssa Lee

Canadian singer and songwriter Melyssa Lee is an up-and-coming artist with a passion for folk roots and Lilith-inspired emotive songs. She hails from Calgary, where she has been honing her craft in pursuit of her debut acoustic EP.

With soulful lyrics and a heartfelt delivery, Melyssa Lee has often been compared to acclaimed singer-songwriter KT Tunstall, and her debut EP “Simply” is sure to uphold this comparison. Set to be released by Spring 2023, this promising album is sure to draw attention from both established and up-and-coming artists alike.

Melyssa Lee is a shining example of the emerging Canadian music scene, and her talent isn’t to be missed. Her fresh take on folk music, combined with her lyrical storytelling and emotional delivery, paint a picture of the rising star. Catch the debut release of “Simply” by Spring 2023 to hear her heartfelt acoustic music first-hand.

Melodic Excellence "Sunflower" By Melyssa Lee
Melodic Excellence “Sunflower” By Melyssa Lee

Melyssa Lee’s debut single “Sunflower” is a powerful and healing song about fear, loss and grief. The Canadian-based singer-songwriter expertly weaves her acoustic guitar and moving vocals to create an easy listening folk sound.

Melyssa Lee’s music is a gentle reminder to savor the moment and make the most of our lives. Her soothing and uplifting sound offers a much-needed dose of positivity, allowing us to forget the darkness of what has been lost and focus instead on the beauty of the present. With each carefully crafted word, Melyssa Lee invites us to contemplate our lives, and her sincere and honest delivery makes her lyrics timeless and nostalgic.

“This song was inspired by a friend who is grieving the tragic loss of her child, Anderson,” explains Melyssa Lee.

Listening to her music, it feels as if she is speaking from a place of pure understanding, channeling our collective grief, yet strongly encouraging us to find the strength to carry on. With her music, Melyssa Lee gives us the space to reflect on our own lives, inspiring us to keep fighting and keep going.

Melyssa Lee’s debut single, “Sunflower”, is an anthem of resilience, growth and healing. It features an emotionally stirring melody that serves as a backdrop to her captivating lyrics. Listening to this track, one is carefully guided through a journey of self-discovery, revealing a powerful message of strength and hope in the face of adversity. Weaving through the element of folk, “Sunflower” features stellar production that ensures that every note, vocalization and instrumentation shine. With this impressive debut, Melyssa Lee is sure to leave an indelible impression on the music world.

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