MIIA’s New Single “OXIDE” Sounds Raw and Genuine

This new song by MIIA is, as the title suggests, very honest and authentic. You can argue about it after your first listen.

The powerful intonation of her vocals swiftly attracts you into her thoughts in the new song “OXIDE,” which bridges the gap between her past and now.

She creates such an atmosphere around the song that you can completely immerse yourself in it. Her feelings are palpable, and the way she expresses herself makes the song noteworthy.

According to her, “I wrote “Oxide” in the winter, up in the mountains of Norway; my favorite place on earth. Where I feel most at home. At that point, after a year of therapy and hibernation, I was at a very peaceful point in my healing process. I was finally able to write about something that had weighed on me for a long time. I love my father, more than I think he or anyone else will ever understand. But, relationships are complex. This song is the voice of my inner child. She used to have no voice at all. I had to write this song for her. Though I have said these words before, time and time again, the hurt never truly went away. So I had to write them down. My biggest hope (because there is hope!) is that hurt can, through honesty, become healing.”

The song has a very high replay value and features melodic chords, glittering synths, and emotion-charged voices that fly triumphantly over the moving beat.

This demonstrates how much she enjoys composing music because her writing style and flexibility with ideas are on prominent display in this song.

She excels throughout the four-minute song, displaying a strong feeling of outstanding musicianship and contentment.

The Norwegian singer clearly embodies the mindset of seeking accomplishment and the desire for something greater which is the feeling of optimism.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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