Kovacs Demonstrates She Is A “Child of Sin” On New Album

Currently, she is at the top when it comes to enlisting amazing and compelling artists that create the best songs.

Why compile such a list without including Kovacs? Her voice and the enthusiasm it transmits are wonderful, and we strongly suggest it.

To demonstrate this and more, she has released her latest track “Child of Sin,” which is taken from her newest album of the same name.

The album’s title track, “Child of Sin,” includes Till Lindemann. The song has a lot of variety, which is very powerful and efficient.

Every piece provided hurdles in terms of vocals both highs and lows, but the outcomes are spectacular, unquestionably the album’s centerpiece.

Talking of the creative process while making the song, Kovacs says “During the writing of “Child of Sin,” I immediately thought of Till, I wanted it to be a duet. The message is loud and clear, because you seldom hear a male and a female voice team up to bring a story to a song. We shot the video in November 2022 and that was the icing on the cake! Working with Till was a learning process for me, I feasted my eyes on every detail. A huge-ass set, 30 people working on a big short film. People really seem to believe in the song, the collaboration, and the message. It seems to touch them, which delights me to no end.”

It is really impassioned to listen to, and she remains loyal to herself throughout the album in her goal to have fans ride along with her.

You also get to comprehend her emotions and sentiments as she once again succeeds in making you want to listen to her.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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