Midwave Breaks’ “Stonewall”: A Nostalgic and Refreshing Anthem

Strike up the band, friends, grab your air guitars and prepare to chant in wide open fields or stuffy school halls, because Midwave Breaks’ new single ‘Stonewall’ is here and it’s a rousing treat. Not only does this New Zealand duo offer a solidly upbeat classic rock anthem, but also an all-round instant crowd-pleaser – an almost forgotten ’90s flair brought to life with the bang of a drum.

‘Stonewall’ feels as though it could impel even the most rhythmically inhibited among us into moving our bodies. Invoking memories of headlining festival performances and smoky clubs—the lead singer-songwriter-guitarist Bruce Conlon commands your attention like a purposeful pied piper. His warm, resonant male vocals lend themselves beautiful to a sing-along chorus so catchy; it may end up living free-rent in your cerebellum long after you’ve unpacked your festival gear.

The real heart-racing home-hitter though is Drummer Paul Russell. He drives this anthemic banger forward at near breakneck speed—and if his recount of “Stonewall”‘s unconventional origin won’t have you rolling down memory lane, I don’t know what will! This infectious tune was serendipitously birthed from simple domestic duty—a reluctant one translated swiftly into cleverly quippy lyrics.

Midwave Breaks' "Stonewall": A Nostalgic and Refreshing Anthem
Midwave Breaks’ “Stonewall”: A Nostalgic and Refreshing Anthem

That’s where the true strength of this indie pairing shines—his deft rhythmic percussive touch coupled with Conlon’s lyrical balladry showcasing complexities within simplicities are why Midwave Breaks ought to be on everyone’s playlist. It’s no stretch to say that if John Bonham jammed with Billy Joel in Bob Dylan’s basement, ‘Stonewall’ might well be the wildly successful offspring!

In short, folks—interrupting pop-up pool maintenance and transforming them into rock-‘n’-roll diamonds isn’t your everyday musical aspiration, but in Midwave Breaks’ case—it’s no doubt a task they’ve nailed to the ‘T’. Time may tell if we could hear more like this from this Kiwi twosome. Meanwhile, pop on those headphones or crank up your car stereos—and treat yourself to a ride along this crafted wave of feel-good nostalgia with ‘Stonewall.’

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