Listen to Pure XTC As She Express Herself On “Fall Apart”

Get ready to have all the feelings in the world with Pure xtc’s new tune, “Fall Apart”. With the release of this alt-pop gem that was accompanied by the “Pure xtc” short film on March 20, we got to see how the artist looks at life after the end of the pandemic. Working together with renowned producers such as Bryan Czap and Walter Kazmier, pure xtc offers a silhouette that penetrates you deeply into the soul.

Taylor Hughes, the brains behind Pure xtc, is inevitably adept at storytelling. “Fall Apart” is a damn musical hug, a relatable tune with an easy beats to repeat the same song. It is hard to put her voice into words, the calmness it brings to both the sad and the messy feelings inside.

And hey, there’s more! Not only there is a song, but soon there will be a clip to watch as well, increasing the atmosphere. Moreover, you get the privilege to enjoy xtc for free in Brooklyn and Baltimore. The event is indeed a must-attend!

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Not only there is a song, but soon there will be a clip to watch as well, increasing the atmosphere.

As such, if you’re ready for a trip between the highest and lowest moments of life, play “Fall Apart” to enjoy the ride and let the music carry you away. It will be worth it trust me.

Listen Fall Apart below

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