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So, let us discuss The Forever Now that originated from Copenhagen of Denmark. They have just released their new single “Grounded Satellites” featuring Raene. The song is a good blend of indie rock feel and catchy synth pop sound having me wish to play the same again upon hitting replay.

You hit play, and bam! A welcome gust of fresh air hits you as this wonderful synth riff plays. You feel like they have trapped all that is European about pop and doused their indie rock foundation. The chorus? Oh boy, what a banger! You will be singing along without even knowing it.

Thank you, Aaron Short from The Naked and Famous for the mix. The magic touch he brings to it makes the song sparkle all over. The lyrics and the production of “Grounded Satellites” are exceptional.

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The song itself centers on city life, the transience of time and quest.

The song itself centers on city life, the transience of time and quest. The Forever Now put everything that they had in them into this track, and it is obvious.

Having been inspired by bands such as MGMT and M83, The Forever Now has created a sound that is uniquely their own. With ‘Grounded Satellites’, they are all set to conquer the world of indie rock.

In this regard, if you seek a song that will make sway on the dance floor and keep your feet tapping look no further than “Grounded Satellites” by The Forever . Trust me, you will not regret it.

Listen to Grounded Satellites below

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