Liam J Edwards Shares Experience In Latest Song ‘Rather Get High’

Liam J Edwards takes us on a powerful journey with their new song, “Rather Get High.” This is a personal song that is deeply rooted and a part of the singer’s journey through life. How the song was crafted to fit the instrumentation tells the kind of artist they are.

The deep voice at the beginning of the song tells us that the lyrics are personal and easy to understand. Following the success of their song “Better Off,” which did really well on the Welsh Music charts, Liam brings us a mix of energetic pop and heartfelt lyrics in their latest song.

Liam is heavily inspired by artists like Billie Eilish, Halsey, and Demi Lovato and listening to this song you can hear their influence in the song. Tim Hamill, a famous music producer who has worked with big artists, helped make the song at Sonic One Studios, adding depth and feeling to it.

The theme of the song is based on their love story, as hard it seems sometimes it is better to know when to call it a quit and you can feel the raw emotions in the lyrics. The song starts slowly but gradually builds up to a big and dramatic part that matches the feelings Liam had when they went through that difficult time.

“Rather Get High” shines light on the effects of a breakup, although the lyrics were coined by Liam J Edwards, the lyrics are relatable and can serve heal all broken are people going through this phase of their life.

Listen to Rather Get High below

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