Dial Drive Recoils With New Album – Burning Bridges

Dial Drive, a band from Florida, has just dropped their new album ‘Burning Bridges,’ following their debut ‘Wasted Time’ in 2019 and the ‘Broken Down’ EP in the following year.

The album kicks off with “Wake Up,” a lively and catchy song that gets you ready for what’s next. In total, the album has eight songs, offering a variety of sounds to keep you interested. It’s not monotonous; it keeps changing things up.

The band’s energy is infectious and will put you in a good mood. ‘Burning Bridges’ is Dial Drive’s second album and showcases their love for alternative and punk music. It’s a short album, with all eight songs together lasting about 25 minutes.

Listening to the songs on the album you can tell the band has really outdone themselves with this records, the first song is a perfect testament of the band’s capabilities.

This album is a solid return for Dial Drive, full of catchy hooks and a passion that shines through in every song. If you’re into pop-punk, ‘Burning Bridges’ is definitely worth a listen. Dial Drive is on fire, and this album proves it.


Wake Up

Falling Down

Bury Me

Keep speaking


Burning Bridges

Guilty Blue

A Thousand Lies

Listen to ‘Burning Bridges’ below


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