Let Vanstone Take You To “Fiji” With Complete EDM Experience

Mat Vanstone is an impressive DJ from Vancouver, Canada. He has been DJing for over 20 years, playing gigs at Resident DJ at Levels Club Vancouver, Cabana Club Vancouver & Ombre Show Lounge Vancouver. Also headlined Candyland Festival and Cloud 9 Festival. He is particularly interested in house music but also loves experimenting with different genres.

A signature component of ‘Fiji’ by Vanstone is the ongoing sense of exploration it takes the listener on. With dynamic and progressive elements brought to the forefront, its structure is key in creating something fresh and exciting. Using skillful control of musical tension, Vanstone skillfully draws out moments of anticipation before reaching powerful climactic sections. The track is full of energy and as the various elements interact, it builds to a level of energy and excitement that is hard to describe without experiencing it.

The track also has a strong vocal element in the form of emotive and pitch-perfect vocal samples. These samples bring to life the story of the track and provide a notable counterpoint to the various elements of the production. Vanstone utilizes the vocal samples to progress and shift the listener’s emotions, furthering the journey and furthering the positive energy and atmosphere of the track.

Let Vanstone Take You To "Fiji" With Complete EDM Experience
Let Vanstone Take You To “Fiji” With Complete EDM Experience

As ‘Fiji’ reaches its grand finale, its euphoric atmosphere and force become almost intoxicating. With each layered part coming together to create a truly captivating and memorable piece of EDM, Vanstone has masterfully crafted something truly special. This track is sure to get you on your feet and dancing to its sounds.

“Fiji” is Vanstone’s sixth release in 2022, and it’s a modern piece of music, full of flare and the melody that suggest the story of how Vanstone is rising to the top. Throughout the track, you can hear the hard work that went into it and it is evident that a lot of thought and effort went into making this song.

In conclusion, “Fiji” by Mat Vanstone is a great piece of dance music that is sure to bring a lot of energy to any party or occasion. You can’t help but groove to its infectious beat, and it is certain that you will be singing along to the catchy chorus. Vanstone has created something special with this release, and you can expect great things from him in the future. So put on your dancing shoes and let Vanstone take you to “Fiji” for the complete EDM experience.

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