Lauren Minear Drops New Tune ‘The Way It Was’ That Packs a Punch

Lauren Minear new song, “The Way It Was”, has definitely got a tug of your feels. The track, co-written with and produced by Dan Weeks, was inspired by the United States Supreme Court’s landmark repeal of Roe versus Wade. However, this is not merely about the throwback; this song engages you and infects you with its infectious garage-band sound.

The lyrics? These are not empty words, but powerful with empowering lines. The minute you begin you can’t help but continue until the moment the music stops. Once you begin to listen it is quite difficult to stop, as the power of music cannot be denied. It’s vibe mixed with its sentimental lyrics is what you never knew you wanted. As Lauren’s team had put it, this track takes a deep emotional look of the existing world, particularly concerning the Roe Voters case, and has finally shaped into the most potent hymn devoted to women.

“The Way It Was” is far from an everyday song; it’s an emotional ride disguised as witty lyrics and irregular rhythms. This song shows just how talented Lauren Minear is at converting painful emotions into popular songs.

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This song shows just how talented Lauren Minear is at converting painful emotions into popular songs.

However, she’s not only music but jack-of-all-trade. Hailing as singer, songwriter, counselor, as well as mum located in new york city, Lauren’s songs are not just regarding sonorous but joining people too. Oh boy, can she ever do that well.

That single is simply an appetizer for what awaits. Lauren has been rehearsing an entire album for Spring 2024, and if this song is anything to go by then it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride. “The Way It was” is similar to entering that place deep inside you while enjoying bright colors and shocks you with love and emotions just the way you wish.

Listen to The Way It Was below


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