Jalisa Denice Motivates with Spicy Single “Get To Work”

Picture this: it’s a vibrant weekend and you’re searching for that missing groove in your life. Well, my friend, fasten your audiophile seatbelt for the plucky revelation that is “Get To Work” by Jalisa Denice.

“Sassy, yet determined” – could be how I humorously label her vocals soaring in the airspace of this pop-funk crossover single. This emerging songbird doesn’t just fly high; she dip-dives and glides through verses with enough grit to make an oyster blush!

Listen closely as Jalisa sculpts an anthem of tenacity against the rhythm of life’s ceaseless beat. Her lyrics? An audacious toast to perseverance, a jubilant defiance to today’s pedal-to-the-metal society that leaves no one untouched! The theme is certainly not new ground but Denice dusts it off with a sparkly conviction only she seems to have.

Jalisa Denice Motivates with Spicy Single “Get To Work”
Jalisa Denice Motivates with Spicy Single “Get To Work”

I’m going to let Corey Kane take centre stage now… Ladies and gents: hands up for those funk-elicited heart palpitations! ‘The Recording Studio London’ was clearly their stomping playground. That wedding between his top-notch production and her harmonics is so electric, even lightning bolts are green with envy!

While humming along, one can’t help but be drawn into the picture Denice paints – part of ‘Exhibit J LP’, twelve collective chapters comprising of self-value and everchanging perspective on self-reflection, all brilliantly peppered with human touch-because deep down ladies and gentlemen don’t we all love a bit of drama?

In summary, my music-devotee comrade, “Get To Work” is like witnessing Dr Funk’s orderlies sedate Pop-princess grooves… under disco ball lights! Pure stardust magic!

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