Follow Your “Heart” With Lia Kloud’s New Single

If there is one thing that can’t deceive you or go wrong when it comes to instincts then it has to come from your heart.

This song seeks to let music fans understand the value of pursuing their hearts and doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals and discovering yourself and your role on this planet is really not straightforward.

No matter the situation, one has to pray to God for guidance and as such, you get doors opened for you as well so you will serve a great purpose while you still exist and she raps about that.

According to the Canadian rapper, “Heart” is a personal song to me where I find myself being vulnerable behind the mic and during my writing process. I talk about how It feels to be an outcast, being different from others, mainly stemming from me being such an introvert, I rarely ever express how I feel which leads me to feel left out whether it’s with close friends, at work or even with my family.”

Lia Kloud is a music artist with a knack for conjuring up a contagious ambiance laced with intrigue. She was raised in Ottawa’s south side, and her music represents her childhood setting as well as her discovery of herself as a young adult.

Lia is constantly working to improve her voice and hopes to establish a connection via her storytelling.

Get to appreciate the song below and follow her on social media via @liakloud on Instagram.

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