Femi Jaye Intends To “Confess” His Love For You

Since February is the month dedicated to love, you can bet that we have more songs like this lined up to release in order to add some spice to the entire year. You read that right; we really are that considerate.

And so, we give you Femi Jaye‘s latest tender ballad, which doubles as a guide on romantic relationships. “Confess” is the name of the track.

“Confess” fits perfectly with the current trend of Afro R&B since it is a declaration of undisguised love to the one who means the most to you.

In his most recent single, he conveys his longing for a more intimate connection with other people while also fostering feelings of love and kindness.

When he sings, he creates an atmosphere that makes you want to lose yourself in the music. The feeling is pleasant and lovely in and of itself.

This is exactly what his music will do to you, and even more, as Femi shows off his eclectic personal experiences by advancing UK Afro-fusion with a steady stream of infectious songs.

One of the few singers to watch out for this year is Femi Jaye, a rapper, songwriter, and designer who was born in the United Kingdom. Enjoy the warmth of his music every day.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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