Feel the Might of Edge of Paradise’s New Hit “Basilisk”

“Basilisk” by Edge of Paradise gets right under your skin, with all the makings of an arena-rock staple. It’s dramatic, heading straight for epic territory, powered by Margarita Monet’s vocals that grip you from the first note. “Basilisk” is part of the band’s already-released album named “Hologram” which has received praise globally.

Picture this—a goddess wielding a microphone in one hand and your heartstrings in the other. Her voice pivots between empowering cries and darker tones that could coax secrets out of shadows. Meanwhile, Dave Bates wields his lead guitar like Excalibur, contrasting beautifully against David Ruiz on rhythm who anchors us amidst the gathering storm.

The drumming? Jaime Moreno sounds like Thor is personally auditioning for percussionist; it’s pulse-quickening stuff backed up by Kenny Lockwood’s bass lines which don’t just groove—they mesmerize.

Feel the Might of Edge of Paradise's New Hit “Basilisk”
Feel the Might of Edge of Paradise’s New Hit “Basilisk”

Now thematically? “Basilisk” bewitches you into dancing at the edge where fear meets thrill—like daring to look into mystical eyes knowing full well they hold a challenge: feel alive or forever walk half-awake. Each chord and cry isn’t just heard but felt—an invitation (or is it a dare?) to face those inner demons head-on with every beat.

This song has force—it harrows before it uplifts—In simpler terms: imagine being dipped low in a dance, glimpsing what lies beneath then spun outwards fast enough to blur worries away. If exhilarating had a soundtrack, Edge of Paradise would be blaring through its speakers non-stop!

Hold tight folks—Their ride shows no signs of stopping!

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