EP Review: The Cumberland River Project – “Vain Regrets”

Guys how about you just have a listen to Frank Renfordt’s new EP, “Vain Regrets” already? Dude, you won’t believe what I just saw! This is unbelievable! Launched on just the recent March 22nd, it is a spellbinding travel directly into the center of country music narration.

But do you know that Frank was the brains behind ‘The Cumberland River Project’, of course. Unlike before, he’s decided to be the one behind the wheel and also adding his own melodies to all the songs in the EP. I, meanwhile, learned that authenticity and emotions are the key to convincing the audience.

The EP opens with the upbeat tune called “In Line.” This song will urge you to chase your dreams and treat every day with wild adventurousness. Wait, there’s more. On this track, Frank breaks down friendship, longing, and self-discovery, and it is only through the lens of a real country artist that one can paint human feelings like that.

Well, there’s one track that really shone for me, and it’s “Mr. Spaceman.” OMG, wait till you hear this one! Frank takes us on a cosmic journey, part of which is insane, part of which is realism, and only country music could make it.

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This song will urge you to chase your dreams and treat every day with wild adventurousness.

However, the gemstone in this bunch for me was the closing hitter, “Sweet Freedom.” This soul-stirring anthem is about a journey of life’s ups and downs and real pursuit of the freedom. This is the type of song that will certainly make you experience various kinds of emotions, so you better believe it.

Now, you might be asking me “Mister Styx, how about the music?”. Well, go ahead and calm down because here is what I have got for you. The instrumentation is vivid, The lyrics are meaningful, And the whole sound combines classic country rock with modern approach by means of it, it becomes timeless and modern at the same time.

However, what I believe is the EP’s main distinguishing factor is Frank’s unfeigned adoration of his trade. It comes out in every note, every word. His powerful vocals adorned with beautiful harmonies, combine with the well-arranged music and thus, secures the listener?s experience that is as good-spirited as it is thoughtful at the same time.

Listen to Vain Regrets below

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