Electric Circus’s “Some Kinda Love” – A New Kind of Alt-Rock

From the heart of Newcastle sprouts a substantial noise guaranteed to capture the consciousness of listeners far and wide. It’s the potent roar of the UK based alt-rock band, Electric Circus, who are carving their niche with the release of their electrifying third single, “Some Kinda Love”.

Pulsing with unmistakable vigour, “Some Kinda Love” is an anthem begging for the undeniable longing that is hardwired into our human essence. It’s about the hunger for connection in all of its beautiful, messy complexity. Within the rocking rhythm and vocal grit, this solitaire is an endearing account of the tumultuous journey within relationships, illuminating the desire for affection and love amid the trying times.

“Some Kinda Love” sets itself apart with its remarkable auditory deluge, led by a well-rounded quartet consisting of frontman Shaun Lamb, Brad Woodlands, Jordan Sowerby, and Ryan Brown. The synergy between these four souls is strikingly evident as their combined skillset rolls out a torrent of high-energy rock that pushes the boundaries of the genre yet remains comfortably nestled within it.

From the onset, the track assaults you with its energic beats that pump through your veins; it’s akin to swallowing a music note shaped lightning bolt. The heavy rock vibe balanced with nuanced instrumentation ensures “Some Kinda Love” is anchored, broad in scope yet accessible.

Electric Circus's "Some Kinda Love" - A New Kind of Alt-Rock
Electric Circus’s “Some Kinda Love” – A New Kind of Alt-Rock

Shaun Lamb’s vocals stretch across the track, maneuvering the lyrical landscape with a gritty sincerity that echoes the stalwarts of the genre and hints at influences from yesteryears’ grunge maestros. The vocals, which dwell somewhere between a gruff whisper and a raucous bellow, perfectly mirror the lyrical conception. It’s a raw, emotional, vocal tour-de-force that, married to the potent instrumental backdrop, crafts the rebellious but soulful aura of “Some Kinda Love”.

Weaving through the narrative of love’s rollercoaster, the lyrics offer an iota of vulnerability, a departure from the hard-hewn exterior typically associated with heavy alt-rock. This adds a layer of depth that permits the listener to establish a personal connection and to reflect on their relationships.

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The production quality is at its pinnacle, balancing the hard-hitting drum patterns, gnashing guitars, and roaring vocals without losing the track’s audial integrity. It does not overpower or underwhelm but strikes a delicate equilibrium, thus amplifying the band’s musical expressiveness.

“Some Kinda Love” transmits an intoxicating mix of contagious energy, memorable melodies, and conscientious lyrics. It’s a musical ride on the wild side of love’s battleground and a testament to Electric Circus’s ability to pour sentiment into their hard-edged sound. The alt-rock soundscape better braces itself; there’s a new ringleader – Electric Circus, churning out their brand of love – some truly invigorating kind!

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