Bromsen’s “Read About It”: A Synth-Driven Elegy to the Artistic Spirit

Bursting onto the music scene amidst Berlin’s vibrant electronic panorama, Bromsen, an Indietronic pair brewed from the synergistic kinship of Richard and Karlo Bromsen, has, with unrelenting drive, fostered a unique brand of synth pop. Their recently released fourth single, “Read About It”, offers listeners an emotionally-laden plunge into the complexities of an artist’s life and the personal hardships often faced behind the curtains of creative triumphs.

“Read About It” pays a solemn tribute to those artists who, with their hearts on their canvases, birthed spectacular and transcendental creations, often at the expense of personal happiness. The sombre realities obscure to the layman are brought to the forefront by Bromsen, as they navigate the hardships the artists endured with their eloquently drafted lyrics and emotive melodies.

The duo’s sound is an immersive concoction of retro-inspired synth arrangements and contemporary production quality, creating a time-bending musical experience. As listeners, we find ourselves comfortably embraced by the synth-pop ethos reflected in decades’ legacy, brought forth by the likes of Kraftwerk and The Pet Shop Boys, yet refreshed by a distinctly modern electronic intensity that is akin to the atmospheric styles of artists like Tame Impala or MGMT.

Bromsen's "Read About It": A Synth-Driven Elegy to the Artistic Spirit
Bromsen’s “Read About It”: A Synth-Driven Elegy to the Artistic Spirit

This masterpiece launches with an earnest synth motif, immediately transporting us into a sonic universe that is intensely moody and brooding. Just as we acclimate to this haunting introduction, Bromsen shakes up the soundscape with a rhythmic cannonade of beats and lilting synths, commanding our undivided attention throughout the track.

The haunting narrative weaves a rich tapestry of euphoria, pain, and artistic struggle that resonates in the Bromsen brothers’ eager vocal performances. The lyricism serves as a poignant reminiscence of artists whose existence was a sacrifice for their creative endeavours, marrying melancholy and veneration in its lines. The vocals, oscillating between the realms of sullen acceptance and vigorous determination, resonate beautifully with the nuanced synthesizers and atmospheric beats, creating a backdrop of conflicting emotions.

As a meticulously organised excursion into the realm of indietronic music, “Read About It” leaves listeners entranced long after the song concludes. The precision production, favoring clarity over density, ensures the depth and range of the duo’s extensive auditory palette receive an undiluted showcase.

With the upcoming release of Bromsen’s debut album “Brothers in Mind” on Epictronic’s roster, the anticipation treads an ascendant path. If “Read About It” is any harbinger of what’s to come, the duo promises immersive landscapes of sonic beauty intertwined with thoughtful lyricism and innovative synth sequencing. Bromsen’s distinctive flair in exploring the edges of electronic music, paired with their profound storytelling, injects them as a promising new force in the music realm that we eagerly await to experience more from.

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