Eleanor Hammonds Heals All ‘Hidden Wounds’

Eleanor Hammond began her musical career at a very early stage of her life. As young as 11, she was already singing and playing some musical instruments, such as the guitar and piano, this helped in polishisg her craft to near perfection, and between the ages of 14- 22 was featured in two theatrical productions.

To Eleanor, music is a major way to express emotions, and this can clearly be seen in her songs. With each song she writes, you can tell she put in lots of work in the composition, and her latest single, Hidden Wounds, is the perfect proof.

When asked about the main inspiration behind her latest single, this is what she had to say.

“I wrote Hidden Wounds for anyone struggling secretly alone with their mental health, wishing I could offer them a magical cure. I also wanted to make it so you could dance along to the isolating experience of depression, as the relationship is not always just dark and somber all the time.”

We all face some emotional battles one way or the other and what we need is something to keep going, Hidden Wounds has the perfect message, the song begins on a gentle note, which grasps your attention and glues you to the sound, yet as you get comfortable with the song, the tempo switches with heavy kicks that leaves a lasting impression on you.

Listen to Hidden Wounds below


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