David Moore Resurfaces With Album “Seventeen”

David Moore is an independent singer/songwriter and producer who has made a name for himself in the music world with his boundary crossing sound. With influences on the classic rock of the 60s through 80s, David merges folk, pop, blues, progressive country, and ambient instrumentals in his writing.

David Moore’s debut album “Seventeen” released in November 2022 after his highly successful career in the airline industry. He recorded the album in a bedroom that was converted into a music studio, and the tracks instantly gained traction with listeners around the world, garnering over 10,000 streams on Spotify in less than 90 days.

Drawing inspiration from best friend Jim Patterson, who passed away in 2013, Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin, David Moore gives an emotional twist to every track with his heartfelt and personal lyrics. From recording his first single on vinyl in 1984 to advancing his skills in music production, David continues to create music that delights listeners around the world.

David Moore’s debut album “Seventeen” is a masterful blend of folk and rock, seamlessly merging acoustic and electric guitars in a winning combination. With Moore’s years of honing his craft, this album shimmers with a wealth of musical experience. With his soulful, melodic vocals backed by tasteful yet electrifying guitar lines, Moore paints vivid soundscapes that draw the listener in, before knocking them off their feet.

From the powerful opening track “Westridge House Stomp” to the majestic “Flying Frisbee Clap,” Moore’s music is a revelation that speaks to the soul of today’s listener. Its delicate acoustic work and rippling electric guitar lines interact in intricate ways, creating a lush, layered sound that lures in the ear. Moore’s songs explore themes of human connection and the inevitable search for love, with his gravelly and raw vocals providing an emotional intensity that is hauntingly beautiful.

David Moore’s soulful talents are also featured throughout “Seventeen” and the soulful sounds of Americana and blues firmly cement it as a must-hear album. He does a brilliant job of channeling songs from a variety of different genres and eras, but still manages to keep his unique style and sound intact. The production value of the album is top-notch and elevates the quality of the music that it accompanies. In the end, “Seventeen” is a bold, creative and extraordinary step forward for David Moore and is sure to be remembered in music history as one of his best works. All songs are written by David except the song “Powder Run”; and he had musician friends play some of the parts. David is currently working on his next album to be released spring 2023.

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