Carley Varley Shares Latest Single ‘I’m Not Angry Anymore’

Winchester, UK native and alternative pop musician Carley Varley has released ‘I’m Not Mad Anymore’, the third single off her forthcoming “Homesick EP”.

This touching song explores the catharsis that comes from letting go of past hurts in a relationship so that one may go on with fresh freedom.

Carley’s been a skilled guitarist, pianist, and singer-songwriter since she was only 14 years old, and her performances showcase her incredible versatility. Carley’s expressive voice is one of the most distinctive aspects of her music.

Carley’s performances are always a blast because her joyful spirit comes through and her fans enthusiastically sing along to her catchy tunes.

When Carley was discovered busking in the little seaside village of Lymington in 2016, her unquestionable ability propelled her to the stages of London’s most prominent venues, including The Ritz and the legendary Waldorf Hotel. She has become an accomplished musician in the areas of Dorset and Hampshire.

The song “I’m Not Mad Anymore” is unlike anything else out there since it successfully combines mainstream music with a wide variety of instruments. This cutting-edge method produces an invigorating yet wistfully familiar sound that will captivate and move any listener.

The song explores the unique sadness that follows the end of a relationship, encapsulating the feelings of two people who have been growing apart for some time. The emotional terrain that Carley traverses are depicted honestly and openly in her songs.

The song’s beginning, which is acoustic and contemplative, immediately establishes a mournful tone. Carley’s incredible vocal range and undying love for music are on full display as the song rises to an explosive climax.

Carley expertly lets us inside her life and helps us find peace of mind with the soothing guitar picking of “I’m Not Mad Anymore.” When the song climaxes, it’s a cathartic reminder that even broken hearts may be restored and that letting go of grudges can pave the way to fresh beginnings.

Carley Varley’s newest album, “I’m Not Mad Anymore,” is guaranteed to be well received by both new and longtime listeners of the alternative pop genre. Don’t miss your opportunity to see the evolution of this remarkable artist as she tells moving tales via her music and inspires listeners around.

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