Beyond Conventions: Exploring Addiction and Artistry with Sam Feinstein

If recently, you have found yourself in a terrible situation. Without a doubt, it’s a real struggle to accept the fact of addiction and all the hardships it entails. Yet, you don’t need to go through this all alone. Sam Feinstein’s latest song, “Need Me,” deals sincerely with the sensitive topic of addiction through a direct and catching approach to sound.

This track takes the listener through the completely fabricated journey by the use of atmospheric synths, spacey guitar hooks, and his another-worldly beautiful voice. Through soft whispers and bumbustles, his voice is spread and layered creating a space of thoughts and exposing feelings.

“Need Me” is iconic as it separates itself from the norm – I refuse to obey the rules, at least, when it comes to my art. This melodic piece does not only convey to you how serious the vicious cycle of addiction becomes, but it also tells you the marks that it leaves on a person’s life. We realize this song is written from a cussed place of sincerity.

While the topics are heavy, still there is a beat of hope fluttering through that track. Sam is not repelled by darkness, but rather invites light to illuminate the darkness for a better tomorrow. This man’s experimental attitude portraits a fact that our greatest challenges can be overcame even by music that has a power to move and to cure.

I am aware that it is not an easy process but you don’t have to sail all through it by yourself. See Sam’s brokenness on “Need Me” 1 as an affirmation that your voice, your story matters. You’ve got this. One step, one day at a time!

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What is your stage name

I don’t have a special stage name right now. I’m just going by Sam Feinstein.

Is there a story behind your stage name?
I’ve been the bassist of several bands and I always released my music under the names of those bands, so I ended up with a lot of music under the names of dead bands, so I’m using my own name now to make sure that fans are always able to find whatever musical project I’m working on now.

Where do you find inspiration?
My voice has a somewhat villainous character, so I like writing from the perspective of real world villains. In this case, I wrote from the perspective of an addiction begging an addict to affirm their love, while also revealing the abusive nature of their relationship.

What was the role of music in the early years of your life?
I was diagnosed with autism early on in life, and music was the first way I began to connect with people and build a community.

Are you from a musical or artistic family?
I have several artists in my family: my aunt Karen is an art teacher and a visual artist of many mediums, my Zayde (grandpa) played piano and painted, my uncle played drums for a long time, my mom played piano when she was young, and my father recently started collecting and selling records and comic books.

Who inspired you to be a part of the music industry?
I knew I wanted to pursue music long term when I was in 7th grade in Mike Gianopolo’s jazz band at Higgins Middle School. He taught me to improvise and that opened so many doors to me for musical expression and creativity.

How did you learn to sing/write/to play?
I started taking piano lessons when I was 7, but I really began to find my place musically when Christopher Stone started giving me bass lessons when i was 13 years old. Combined with the jazz experience I was getting from the middle school jazz band, this began me on the path toward songwriting and playing in my own bands.

 Sam Feinstein out with Need Me ,Sam Feinstein releases Need Me ,Sam Feinstein with Need Me ,Sam Feinstein drops Need Me ,Need Me by Sam Feinstein ,Need Me from Sam Feinstein ,Sam Feinstein ,Need Me ,Sam Feinstein Need Me ,Need Me Sam Feinstein
I started taking piano lessons when I was 7, but I really began to find my place musically when Christopher Stone started giving me bass lessons when i was 13 years old.

What was the first concert that you ever went to and who did you see perform?
My father took me to a concert to see Styx, Foreigner, and Kansas when I was a freshman in high school. Styx were (and still are) one of my favorite bands and seeing them perform the song I love listening to on CDs live was an unforgettable experience.

How could you describe your music?
I make whatever interests me, and whatever the bands I play with inspire me to make. Right now I’m making a lot of synth-rock as I’m playing with a synth-pop band called The Monitors. In the past I’ve been in bands and wrote music ranging from ska punk to bluegrass to hair metal, rnb, funk, and klezmer.

Describe your creative process.
Right now, I tend to get inspired by lyrical ideas, record short pieces of songs, then go back with instruments and try to inspire myself to write more lyrics, and eventually it turns into a song. I used to have a more traditional love-performance oriented process of writing on a guitar or piano, but this process lends itself well to showcasing my primary instrument: bass.

What is your main inspiration?
I’m continuously inspired by the musicians in my community. Most people will never hear some of the finest musicians and most creative songwriters as they don’t market their music for mass audiences, and only play them at local venues.

What musician do you admire most and why?
I’ve always loved Toh Kay. His lyrics feel like they light a rebellious fire in my soul. I love the way he combines ska punk with Eastern European folk music, and his band Streetlight Manifesto was the first band I ever moshed to.

Did your style evolve since the beginning of your career?
I always had someone sing my songs for me until I was in my mid-20s. Exploring my own voice, and seeing what possibilities I could explore with it was freeing and sent me down a path making music in styles I never would’ve imagined otherwise.

Who do you see as your main competitor?
I don’t like seeing musicians as competitors. The world benefits from a diverse music scene, and I’d love for more people to be able to hear the wide variety of sounds missed by mainstream.

What are your interests outside of music?
My day job is in writing software for testing audio systems. I also enjoy hiking and cooking!

If it wasn’t a music career, what would you be doing?
I’d have probably dove headfirst into science and engineering. I still do that as my day job (in an audio context).

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in the journey of music?
Balancing a music career, a tech career, and relationships becomes challenging. Sometimes I might be forced to go a long time where I don’t get to invest much time into my music career. I’d love to make music my full time job, but I can’t make that happen financially yet.

If you could change one thing in the music industry, what would it be?
The music industry is full of scams. People will message you on instagram offering the world if you just pay them a little money. It’s exhausting filtering out scams from real opportunities.

Why did you choose this as the title of this project?
“Need Me” references addiction and the intense, nagging urgency with which addiction can present itself to an addict.

What are your plans for the coming months?
I have another song in the works, and I’m hoping to continue putting out more music.

Do you have any artistic collaboration plans
I’m playing electric bass with synth rock band The Monitors and indie rock group Granny Nix, and playing upright bass with Melinda Kausek and will be playing live and releasing music with all of them in the near future.

What message would you like to give to your fans?
Stay tuned into your local music scenes because you’re bound to find some hidden gems. Hopefully if you’re listening to me, you’ve found something different that you wouldn’t hear otherwise.


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