Acclaimed Singer Stefano May Channels Intimate Experiences With His Single ‘Crazy’

Stefano May is a singer, composer, and piano virtuoso. He makes exciting musical journeys by mixing soul music with pop and classical styles.

In 2012, Stefano broadened his exposure to a variety of cultural experiences by taking trips around Europe and the United States, where he presently resides.

These travels have provided him with unique opportunities that have led to numerous.

These trips have not only provided him with one-of-a-kind experiences but also rekindled the passion that he once had for his music profession. The most motivating aspect of this story is how Stefano has become friends with renowned filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli.

Because he was his mentor, he was able to improve his skills as a performer and come up with new and interesting ways to write. He has learned a lot from Zeffirelli about how to be creative and how to improve his skills.

This helped Stefano a lot when he was just starting out as a composer for movie soundtracks while he was a student at Columbia University and Jamal Joseph was his teacher.

While working with producer Chico Bennett (Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Killers), the song “Crazy,” a hauntingly beautiful ballad, was created. “Crazy” is a deeply thoughtful and sad look at the dark sides of a lifelong passion.

The heartbreakingly bare display of moving vulnerability that Stefano gives us transports us to the depths of our psyche, where we find a lasting expression of cathartic sadness.

This vocally driven tune is complemented by Stefano’s dark and distorted piano hook, which he created using his extensive expertise as a pianist schooled in the classical tradition.

This introspective music video follows Stefano as he travels over deserted beaches, lonesome rooftops, and the quiet of his own bedroom. Along the way, we see him struggle with feelings of loneliness as well as the ghosts of his past.


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