Acclaimed Singer Stefano May Channels Intimate Experiences With His Single ‘Crazy’

Stefano May is a singer, composer, and piano virtuoso who creates thrilling musical journeys by fusing soul music with pop and classical styles.

In 2012, Stefano broadened his exposure to a variety of cultural experiences by taking trips around Europe and the United States, where he resides at the present time.

These travels have provided him with unique opportunities that have led to numerous collaborations with famous songwriters and even with famous film director Franco Zeffirelli.

Most recently, he composed the score for motion picture soundtracks for award-winning filmmaker Jamal Joseph. These travels have inspired a renewed vigour in his music career and have presented him with unique opportunities.

He has been able to further enhance his talents as a performer and in the invention of fresh and fascinating writing styles as a result of the mentorship, he has received from him. Zeffirelli has been crucial in both the development of his creative process and the enhancement of his art.

This proved to be quite helpful for Stefano when he began his career as a composer for motion picture soundtracks while studying at Columbia University under the tutelage of Jamal Joseph.

In the year 2019, Stefano started working with renowned record producer Chico Bennett, which marked the beginning of the serious pursuit of his solo career.

He is now operating out of Miami, which is where he is meticulously concocting his highly creative mix of soul music, pop music, R&B music, and classical music. “Crazy” is the name of May’s most recent single.

Through the unifying force of music, Stefano hopes to bring people closer together. By making his talents available to others, he gives them the ability to achieve their own goals.

Stefano uses his rich background as a classically trained pianist to pair this vocally driven piece with a dim and distorted piano hook.

We watch Stefano grapple with isolationism and the ghosts of his past as he journeys across abandoned beaches, lonely rooftops, and the solitude of his bedroom in this contemplative music video.

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