A Truthful Testament: Nigel Brown’s “Here Comes The Truth”

In his eleventh studio album, “Here Comes The Truth,” Nigel Brown delivers a well-crafted narrative drawn from life’s rich tapestry of experiences and feelings. An established veteran in the folk and soft rock scene, Brown embraces an organic writing process that, once again, affirms his remarkable prowess as a consummate musical storyteller.

A sense of intimacy permeates the entirety of the 13-track album—each song standing as a testament to his personal journeys, societal observations, struggles with inequality, and tale-telling for fictional characters grappling with their life situations. Synergistically working together within this record are tightly knit elements of songwriting and production—all self-managed by Brown—with whispered drumming provided gently by none other than his son.

From the onset, listeners may distinguish a fabled familiarity that harks back to the golden eras of 60s and 70s music. This nostalgic sensation is carefully curated sans pastiche; it is indeed the result of an artist respecting history while making his own mark simultaneously. This isn’t merely the echo of artists who’ve come before him but rather resemblance born out of reverence. It is clear from listening to this finely crafted record how much love Brown holds for music legends like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac or Mark Knopfler and particularly THE BEATLES. His interpretations never mimicry but rather authentic homages weaved seamlessly into every chord, melody, and verse.

However nostalgic its soundscape might be though – one should not mistake it as ‘purely retrospective.’ This work effectively straddles both spheres – old and new – solidifying its relevance today. The title “Here Comes The Truth” is not simply prophetic; it mirrors real-time critique on governmental actions amidst a pandemic crisis – adding further depth to Brown’s enthusiastic exploration into truth-telling.

A Truthful Testament: Nigel Brown’s “Here Comes The Truth”
A Truthful Testament: Nigel Brown’s “Here Comes The Truth”

Vocally, Brown continues to impress with his tempered yet distinctive male crooning. There’s a gentle boldness in his voice that confidently delivers his stories and shared insights without yielding to melodramatic overselling. Simultaneously, the singing accentuates the easy-listening experience of the album – calming yet stimulating enough as you tap along with its rhythmic undulations.

On “Here Comes The Truth,” Nigel Brown proves that he is still actively seeking novel ways to unhinge corners of artistic expression within the conventional ‘folk-rock’ box. The natural progression seen here comes not only from a seasoned pro doing what he does best but also someone who is not afraid to evolve musically while maintaining his authentic narrative backbone.

The album culminates as an engaging journey that lures you into repeated listening, each time unveiling intricate narratives or melodies previously unconsumed in prior sittings. Here lies an example of how music matures over time, like well-aged wine—fortifying its depth and resonance with every subsequent encounter.

As for any music enthusiast seeking tunes layered richly with genuine emotions, historical nods and contemporary relevance – anchored by experienced musicianship – look no further than Nigel Brown’s “Here Comes The Truth.” It’s more than an album; it’s witnessing an artisan at work. And trust me when I say this; it makes for incredibly compelling viewing!

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