Unveiling the Bittersweet Beauty: Exploring Alutepena Hughes-John’s Latest Single

Aww! Our much-loved “crazy ukulele lady” Alutepena Hughes-John, who just happens to be the charismatic one whom we all adore, has made a comeback in the music scene with her latest single, “Platonic”. While she is now going solo, she is accompanied by this wonderful two-piece band comprised of Max Read on bass and Karl Thompson on the guitar.

Recorded and produced at Max Read’s Northampton studio The Lodge, “Platonic” is the piece that showcases Alutepena’s creative evolution. The track was one of her old band’s Anthroppic’s songs in 2008, going through a mighty glow-up and leaving its retro pop/rock skins for some shiny 2-Tone vibes now. This makes the sound experience a true audio journey with the blend of old and the new – something similar to getting cozy with an old friend.

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it beautifully combines musical styles, drawing its inspiration from popular 2-Tone bands

As a significant feature in “Platonic”, it beautifully combines musical styles, drawing its inspiration from popular 2-Tone bands like The Selector and Madness that makes dancing irresistible! The mixing in of ska and reggae rhythms adds such a unique flavor to this song producing an energy that is so infectious and full of life that you just can’t help but want to move your body.

As Alutepena’s tunes wash over you, they make you drink in the bittersweet beauty of “Platonic song.” It talks about the universally felt ache of the unreachable thing in such a comforting way. Alu, who is well-loved by us all,is not only an amazing musician but a great storyteller who tells the stories of love and heartbreak that will stay with us forever. Our dear crazy ukulele woman, you make us so proud!

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