Tonia Premieres Her Brand New Single ‘Sweet Relief’

Tonia is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the music business because to her unique approach and unrivalled degree of adaptability, both of which distinguish her from the rest of her contemporaries.

Tonia was exposed to a broad variety of musical genres at a young age due to the fact that she grew up in a family full of artists, including pianists, opera singers, pop music aficionados, and fans of Dad Rock.

In fact, her grandpa was the one who first turned her onto the great Chet Baker; at the same time, her sister was more into Lily Allen.

Tonia’s upbringing in such a diverse setting has had a significant impact on the music that she creates for herself personally. She explores the complexity of growing up and becoming a woman through the lens of sadness, growth, and moving on as a woman via the medium of her music, which analyses the challenges of growing up.

Tonia released her first single and EP track in 2021 titled “Flux,” which received tremendous acclaim at its first release. This marked the beginning of Tonia’s career in the music business.

The song won over radio listeners and industry professionals alike very fast, including Jack Saunders, Sian Eleri, Gemma Bradley, and BBC Introducing, all of whom work for BBC Radio. Even the most jaded of reviewers are blown away by Tonia’s performance because her self-assurance and genuineness are so evident in every note.

Because of her most recent hit, “Sweet Relief,” the uplifting and emotional tone of optimism that is heard at the song’s climax in “Flux” which is a comforting ballad about love, was achieved.

Tonia has established herself as one of the most talented singers and songwriters working in the business at the present time because of the potent mix of honesty, vulnerability, and optimism in her performances, which has won the hearts of listeners all over the globe.

Keep an eye and an ear out for more contributions from this up-and-coming talent.


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