The Unsuals Showcases Their Showmanship With Single ‘Pressure’

THE UNUSUALS, are two talented people from the Pacific Northwest who are making waves in hip-hop music. “Pressure” isn’t just a normal song; it is going deep into life’s good and bad sides. Ninjaface and Xperience put a lot of themselves into this one. They look at the hard decisions we all have to make between good or bad.

This team is made up of Ninjaface and Xperience. They worked with Theory Hazit to make beats, Tim Carpenter for an amazing music video in it also have some “Mandalorian” fight scenes added.

In a recent interview with the duo, they revealed information about their new album. They have put their heart and soul into every song, trying to do better than before with each step. They’ve taken ideas from the old hip-hop time but put their own new touch.

THE UNUSUALS aren’t just about music; they are also about a message. They want their music to emotionally affect you, making you think about the fights between good and bad inside everyone.

Looking ahead, they have more music in the works. But, they also want to find songs that touch the soul and talk about real life problems. These guys want to use their stage for encouragement and motivation. They believe the music world needs more of this kind, according to them.

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Is there a story behind the name THE UNUSUALS?

We wanted to let it be known that we are completely different from the norm. We are not

the usual artists you hear these days. We felt it was fitting for the message we had.

How would you describe your music and sound?

We’ve been described as a mix of the golden age of hip-hop with a twist of modern-day

sound. The beats are grimy, just like we like em, and we are really rapping. My and

Ninjaface’s styles cover the spectrum of writing. We do it all. And I sing a little bit as well.

What message are you trying to share with the latest single, “PRESSURE”?

We all go through it. Trying to be a better person while temptation and bullshit try bring

you back down. We all have a light, but there is always someone trying to dim that light.

It’s a battle for your soul between good and evil.

Your self-titled album drops on Dec.22nd; tell us about that collection of tracks and

what we can expect from the new album.

We tried to push each other to write better than we did in the previous track. We had no

expectations except to rap better than your favorite artist. You can feel it on every cut.

We were inspired by Griselda a lot on this one. We really appreciated how they reached

back to a time in hip-hop when the technical side was really appreciated. We tried to do

the same.

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We tried to push each other to write better than we did in the previous track. We had no
expectations except to rap better than your favorite artist.

Where did you find inspiration for the album?

Well like I mentioned earlier, we were listening to a lot of Griselda at the time, also the

battle rap world. A lot of innovation is coming out of there right now. Wordplay, schemes,

and double meanings are all throughout the album.

If you could change one thing in the music industry, what would it be?

I would want more spirituality. I want people to actually speak on something that

matters, something that could help the next man or woman through whatever it is they

are going through. We need that more than ever right now.

What’s next for the unusuals?

More music, of course!

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