Tedy Overcomes His Fears In New Single “I Wanted My Heart To Break”

During the darkest times of everyone’s life, there is always something that can serve as a guiding light and help them pull through. There is no telling what it could be.

Tedy’s new single, “I Wanted My Heart to Break,” in which he recounts the same scenario as in his previous work, demonstrates how far he has progressed in the realm of music.

The singer, who is based in Toronto, mixes a sharp pop sensibility with enticing choruses and contemplative lyrics in order to investigate topics such as desire, solitude, identity, and growth.

Not only do his vocals have a calming effect, but the way he delivers them is also highly musical. You get a sense of the link between his feelings and the song from listening to it.

The song provided Ted Andreville with the courage and strength he needed to keep going, despite the fact that he was in a depressed state at the time.

This song assisted him in overcoming his hesitation when it came to composing duets. As a result, he was able to put himself out there and truly define who he is.

You may follow him on social media by using the handle @iemtedy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Below is the song for you to listen to.

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