Santa Claws: “She Turns” celebrates female empowerment

Santa Claws’ latest offering, “She Turns,” weaves a tapestry of female empowerment set to an infectious pop-rock rhythm. The single, the first taste from the forthcoming album “…So Live and Let Lie,” showcases sultry vocals that cascade over listeners like silk—strength cloaked in softness.

Greg Gordon’s adept production handcrafts an easy listening experience that conceals its rousing message; it is a salute to all women navigating their own courses with unapologetic joy. This 3 piece band fuses the roar of independence with catchy hooks, emboldening one’s spirit as each note pledges camaraderie.

As “She Turns” unfurls, one envisions anthems from Fleetwood Mac synthesized through HAIM’s modern lens—a revelry not merely heard but felt. It is music for personal revolutions; where beats act like open roads under relentless feet and each verse ascends like dawn’s light casting off night’s uncertainty.

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With this track Santa Claws sets an audacious outset for their upcoming album—invigorated, meaningful and remarkably relevant. A clarion call enveloped in melody so sweetly presented that you barely notice you’ve been carried along into their jubilant insurgence until your heart swells heavy with that same fierce satisfaction.

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