Rosina Buck Pours Heart Into Latest Single ‘Like A Lion’

With about 20 years of experience up her sleeves, it is no surprise to hear Rosina Buck release a song that is soulful and yet has the power to alter your emotions. You can tell “Like A Lion” was sung from the bottom of her heart.

It is a surprise to know Rosina had been sitting on this song for about 6 years , although that is a long to record a song, we would agree it came out right. Listening to it you can tell this is more than a mere song, this is a story of love, heartbreak, broken relationship and hurt.

Something that makes this song stand out is the honesty and passion with which she sung the songs, the lyrics are pure and depicts the poignant chronicle of Rosina’s journey through the final days of a relationship.

“My soul has traversed the winding paths of self-discovery, navigated the chaos of addiction and emerging with the light of radical self-love. I have walked the path of sobriety for four years, and with this release, I am ready to share my story.”

According to Rosina Buck, this is the main inspiration behind the composition of Like A Lion. The instrumentation perfectly complements her voice, just a few notes which allows the listener to hear the lyrics and ponder on them—something that is not crowded with different instruments.

Although the lyrics were penned by Rosina Buck, they resonate with the listener giving a feel of the emotions being poured into the song.

Listen to Like A Lion below


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